Overview of the BMW Z4 S Drive

BMW_Z4 4.jpg

People were used to bigger means better, but since the financial crisis appeared on the market, it seems like things have changed.

This is also available for the new BMW Z4 S Drive, which is a model that comes to contradict the ‘’bigger is better’’ belief by choosing green instead.

BMW constructors have done research and various tests until they reached a conclusion: if a BMW model has more cylinders, then the output is bigger and when the output is bigger, more fuel is consumed. This is the rule present in the new BMW Z4 S Drive. Since the fuel efficiency is very important for people, including the BMW clients, the new BMW Z4 S Drive is a model that comes with a 4 cylinder engine which has been turbocharged. This doesn’t mean that it is not powerful enough, so don’t worry about it; this just means that the new Z4 S model will require less fuel.