12 Most Reliable Cars in the History

The question of the reliability of the car is very important, because nobody really wants to spend money on a piece of junk. Naturally, we do not have the option of APCs, IFVs or BMDs, but still there is a need for a civilian reliable car with the proper level of safety, quality of spare parts and build quality. Nowadays, a run of 200,000 km is not an amazing number. If people did not reach it or did not exceed it, then in the 21st century it is probably considered something shameful. We have to get to know the most reliable cars and there will be 12 of them. Each of them will be able lightly to get to the 300 thousand kilometers and even more, so let’s get started!

photo Honda Civic

1) Honda Civic. In the worlds market there is already the tenth generation of this legendary Japanese car, especially in a hybrid version. The only problem with this option was the batteries – which quickly sat down or consumed too much energy. Since the year of 2015, all the problems have been resolved, and only the positive feedbacks are heard from the users. >