7 Best Cars of SUV Class

In 2017 on domestic roads, SUV cars began to appear more and more. We have studied the most popular brands of the cars in this class. To date, they account for 12% of total demand.

photo Renault Duster

  1. Renault Duster. The car took one of the leading positions in the world’s market. With an enviable ease, it passed the first crisis stage, which somewhat surprised world experts. This is due to the fact that the problem of demand exists only for brands of more budget cars. Those who only a year ago had the opportunity to send their old car for sale, and after its sale to buy a foreign car in good condition now cannot do this at all. And if you considering that this model of Renault belongs to the same series, you could calculate that it is waiting for the same fate. But according to the information that was provided by the Association of European Businesses, the demand for this car has doubled over the past 10 months. The model has a number of significant advantages. The car is one of the cheapest crossovers on the world’s market. You can buy a car for only $ 6000, the all-wheel-drive variant will cost $ 8000, and the standard version with an automatic box will cost $ 9000. In the near future, the manufacturer plans to produce an all-wheel-drive variant with automatic transmission. This should cause a huge interest in this car.