Top 10 Worldwide Automotive Innovations That We are Waiting for in 2017

photo - BMW 5 Series - 675866755574

Do you easily distinguish the twins from each other? After all, they are always the same – but only after considering them in details, you will notice the difference between them. You can say the same thing about the BMW 5 and the G30. The novelty of its design looks like the 7th series and this is a good decision. The creators of the car made a bet on efficiency – the fifth series has adaptive cruise control, fully LED lights, as well as another advantage is the presence of a rather large list of security systems – the car easily bypasses obstacles that suddenly appear on its way. At a novelty on a choice, there will be such models: 2 petrol (on 252 and 340 horsepower) and 2 diesel engines (190 and 265 horsepower).