Top 3 Safest Cars of the Year

The times when the car was considered a luxury and was available only to chosen ones, irretrievably gone. Nowadays the car is a reliable means of transportation. Thanks to the car people can quickly get to work, visit friends and relatives who live far away. The vehicle allows you to overcome considerable distances and solve many problems in the shortest possible time.
For more than a century the automobile has been serving humanity and is an integral part of the modern life. From year to year, global manufacturers are working on improving their vehicles to meet any consumer needs. As with clothes, furniture or accessories, fashion changes rapidly, the same happens with the cars, so the world’s automotive concerns are interested in making their products superior to others in terms of reliability, speed, technical characteristics, user-friendliness and safety for the driver and passengers.
If in old days the speed of the first vehicles did not exceed 25-30 kilometers per hour, then nowadays some models can accelerate to a mark of 120 kilometers per hour in one minute only, and this is getting improved from year to year. The number of accidents in which people are being killed, unfortunately, also grows. Every year more than a million people die in car accidents.
In the old days, epidemics and wars took fewer lives than this. Therefore, the main question that any motorist asks himself is how safe will the driver and passengers feel inside the car? How will the car behave in the event of a collision, what is the possibility of an explosion or fire?
Modern automakers are improving the technology of their production, equipping cars with innovative safety systems to minimize the risk of serious injuries and deaths in the event of a traffic accident.
For the sake of this, experts conducting crash tests, while checking the machines for the strength, crushing hundreds of newest models, while identifying design flaws and continuing to work until the car is completely improved. They are working hard to release a car that will take a worthy place among the leaders in the reliability and safety.
The latest developments and updated models, the serial production of which was launched in 2016 took a part in the rating. According to the expertise of the USA Institute and Analysts of the insurance companies, the Top Three Cars in reliability and safety were led by Toyota Avalon premium sedan, Lincoln Continental lineup, and German Mercedes- Benz E Class.
These three models were awarded the Top Safety Pick of 2017. Thanks to the reliability of the structure, the strength of the material and modern safety systems, the results of series of crash tests, drivers and passengers have very high chances of surviving even in the worst accidents. These models showed high levels of protection based on the results of numerous crash tests. Indicators of 92% of the survival for the adult passengers, 85% for the safety of children in the car and 77% for the safety of pedestrian injuries have identified these machines among the remaining applicants. Attention was also paid to Chevrolet Impala, Ford Taurus, and Tesla Model S.
Experts EuroNcap named Japanese Toyota Prius as the safest car among family cars. The Korean Hyundai Ionic proved to be the most reliable among the small class of family cars, while the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is successfully sold in the CIS countries, showed a safety level of 96% among small crossovers.