Top 10 Safest American Cars

Lexus RX 34598347593

When choosing a car, consumers are often being guided by different criteria, but all, without exception, put the leading positions on those which are the safest for both the surrounding and for the motorists themselves.

When buying a car, many people choose the countries they trust the most. Among one of the most popular cars are being found at American manufacturers. Let’s distinguish Top Ten American Cars that are the Safest.

  1. Lexus RX. The first one, which we’ll talk about, is the Lexus RX. Lexus Company is a subdivision of Toyota Company, and it is represented in the American and European markets. For several decades the company has been working hard on improving its products and every succeeding model is getting better and better. The RX model is an incredible breakthrough that requires a special attention.

A crash test showed that the safety of the driver and adult passengers is at a very high level. More than 90% of crash tests showed a high result, which brings rejoice because this increases safety on a much higher level.

   There is a slightly different situation with the children who are in the car. The percentage slightly exceeds 80%, which is much less than the figure for adults, but this percentage also inspires confidence in the car.

Pedestrians have more risk of suffering from this car – but almost 80% is also a great indicator that can please.

The electronic system is very sturdy, and more than 70% of the tested vehicles have coped with even the most difficult tasks in the most extreme conditions. >