Top 5 Most Anticipated American Cars in 2018


American cars are very reliable vehicles that please their customers with an improved safety system, perfect electronic system, and new ideas. American cars are the best cars. Factories and auto production work as long as the consumer is interested in the cars and buys them. American cars are worth special attention, so we offer you the Top Five Most Anticipated American Cars in 2018.
1. Tesla Model 3. This car belongs to class D 3, it has a manual transmission, and the body itself, in accordance with the previous model, it is reduced to size S. It is impossible not to admire the exterior of this car, because the body is perfectly smooth, there is no grille for the radiator, it is completely enclosed. The handles of the car are touch sensitive, so the body of the car is perfectly smooth. The price of the car is quite democratic, as for the 2018 model with advanced features it will cost about $ 35,000. >