3 Arguments in Favor of Buying a Ford Mustang

ford-mustang-gt-2454345135 photo

  1. Appearance. Face lifting of 2018 was subjected to both the nose and the muscular body of the car:  the shape of the decorative radiator grille, bonnet and bumper were changed. Head optics became fully equipped with LEDs. Fog-LED lights are available as an option. Rear optics are also LED, the spoiler has become more aggressive, but not all of the cars have it. It is also interesting that, depending on the configuration of the car, the shape of the exhaust pipes can change. A coupe equipped with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost power plant is equipped with a pair of round nozzles, and a couple with a five-liter “figure-eight” is equipped with two paired branch pipes along the edges of the stern.